7 Habits of Highly Influential sales people and Marketers

Good habit

1. Keep Improving

“Always be thinking about how you can do things better—both from a tactical and a strategic perspective. If you don’t, you will most certainly lose your competitive edge in whatever market you’re in. As Andy Grove of Intel said, “Only the paranoid survive.”

— Michael Gerard, CMO, Curata

2. Choose Your Team Wisely

“I like to think that I’m a great recruiter and have been fortunate to surround myself with people more talented than me.”

— Kyle Porter, CEO, SalesLoft

3. Do It Today, Not Tomorrow

“Urgency matters. Do it today, not tomorrow. Never blame someone who is not in the room.”

— Donal Daly, founder and CEO, The TAS Group

4. Keep Your Eye on Your Goals

“Goal-setting is the number one thing that has contributed to my success. I write down goals for the meetings I have, for my day, week, month and year. I have one ultimate goal that drive every decision I make in my career and in my life.”

— John Barrows, sales trainer

5. Smile

“You can get away with saying hard truths if you say them with a smile.”

— Michael Boyette, executive editor, Rapid Learning Institute

6. Never Expect a Thank-You

“Never expect a thank-you, and never ask for one; once you embrace that philosophy, you’ll naturally gravitate toward doing things that are important to you.”

— William Tyree, CMO, RingDNA

7. Take Vacation!

“Take all of your vacation every year. A burned-out mind rarely innovates anything brilliant.”

— Tom Martin, founder, Converse Digital

Good habit

(Collected at: https://www.salesforce.com/)

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